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When you’re having custom cabinets made for you, that’s the perfect time to have them constructed with small features which make them unique and very personal for you. Your own personality can be reflected in these little details, and since you’re having these cabinets customized anyway, why not make them a great reflection of your own outlook on life? Here are some of the ways you can have your own personality built into the customized cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, or storage area.

Custom Enhancements for your Cabinets

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can enhance cabinets which are being made for you by the cabinet-maker of your choice. The only limitation is your own imagination, although if you’re looking to infuse some of your own personality into these cabinet enhancements, you’ll want to consider those specific types of customizations.

Some possibilities include various hand-carved expressions into the cabinetry, as well as rosettes, corbels, baseboards, crowns, panel molds, and possibly some plynths as well. You can get some ideas for the kind of custom enhancements you would like included in your cabinets by researching some possibilities online. You might also be able to print out images of these enhancements, so you won’t have difficulty in describing to the cabinet-maker exactly what you want done.

Added Cabinet Accessories

You can also modify a standard cabinet to be a totally unique one by including one or several types of cabinet accessories which can add functionality and aesthetic appeal to it. For instance, you might want to include one or more of the following options:

  • Pullout Glass Shelving
  • Glass Lazy Susan’s
  • Glass Pantry Accessories
  • Blind Corner Kits
  • Drawer Dividers
  • Cutting Board Holders
  • Pullout Drawers
  • Pullout Base Cabinet Organizers
  • Stainless Steel Pegboard Organizers
  • Cookware Organizers
  • Rollout Waste Containers
  • Rotating Pullout Pantry Shelving
  • Baskets
  • Plastic Shopping Bag Holders
  • Swing Out Pantry Shelving
  • Vanity Base Organizers
  • Pullout Top And Bottom Mount Wood Clothing Hampers
  • Linen Racks
  • Vanity Grooming Pullouts
  • Foldaway Pullout Ironing Boards
  • Literally Hundreds More Options Which Will Increase The Functionality And Appeal Of Your Cabinets

Decorative Hardware to Enhance your Cabinetry

Another way that you can personalize your custom-made cabinets is to include some decorative hardware on them. For instance, if you’re having bathroom cabinets made, you can mix-and-match the materials so that they either blend in very well with the surrounding environment, or so they provide direct contrast to it. Metal finishes can definitely provide the look and feel that you want to create in the room where your new custom cabinets will be installed.

Jeffery Alexander Decorative Hardware CabinetsAmerock Decorative Hardware CabinetsTop Knobs Decorative Hardware Cabinets

Decide whether you want to create a kind of harmony between your cabinets and the floors, walls, and windows, or whether you would like your cabinets to stand out in stark contrast to everything else in the room. By making strategic use of decorative hardware on your cabinets, you can accomplish either of these two objectives, and create just the right mood for the room where your cabinets will be installed.

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