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Very few things can make a home feel more cozy or warm than a custom fireplace, and it’s a wonderful combination of the modern and the traditional features in your home. If you’re thinking of adding a fireplace to your home design, you’ll have a virtually endless number of options to create any kind of style or design that might be appropriate for your household. Whatever the prevailing lifestyle of your family members happens to be, a custom fireplace can be created to accommodate them. Here are some of the most popular options being selected by homeowners today for their own amazing fireplaces.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

This is the classic fireplace for those who appreciate tradition and the charm of burning firewood right in the living room. It supplies tremendous warmth and light, and certain kinds of wood also impart a very appealing fragrance and a relaxing aroma. To complement your classic wood-burning fireplace, you can have a wood-carved mantel installed above it, or a stone mantel to add a different kind of appeal.

Gas Fireplaces

These are also sometimes called vented fireplaces, and they’re fueled by gas for the purpose of actually producing heat for a given room, or sometimes just for decoration. Gas fireplaces are excellent for custom fireplaces because they’re beautiful to look at, and because you can literally have heat just by touching a button. Again, you can install a wood-carved mantel or a stone mantel to perfectly complement your gas fireplace.

Wood-Carved Fireplaces

When you have a wood-carved fireplace installed in your home, you will undoubtedly have some real craftsmanship on display, and all your friends and visitors will likely express their admiration for it. These kinds of custom fireplaces provide a brilliant combination of the modern and the traditional, and they will undoubtedly add a touch of class and beauty to any room of your household.

Stone Fireplaces

You can achieve a very impressive look when you have a stone fireplace installed in your household. They make a powerful statement and add a great deal of natural-looking appeal to your household. You can add a gas or wood-burning fireplace to your stone hearth to complete the look and functionality of your fireplace. Regardless of which choices you make, anytime you install a fireplace in your home, you can count on adding a great deal of charm and appeal which everyone in the home will appreciate.

Outdoor Fireplaces

It’s also possible to have a custom outdoor fireplace constructed at your home, especially if you’re the kind of family which enjoys spending time outdoors, gathered around a warm, cozy fire. This might provide the perfect finishing touch for your patio, and it will instantly become the talk of the neighborhood when you host get-togethers or barbecues. A wood-burning custom fireplace will allow you to extend your patio usage well into the cooler weather months, so you can enjoy even more time outdoors.

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