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There is probably no better time than the present to indulge in the creation of your own custom entertainment space, sometimes referred to as a media center. Most people in this country have had to limit their entertainment possibilities over the last 18 months or so due to the pandemic, which still has a strong hold in this country. With an increased need to entertain oneself at home, it makes perfect sense that you should indulge in creating a really worthwhile entertainment center, so that you can at least enjoy the time you’re restricted to your home.

More than ever in the past, people now need the kinds of immersive experiences which a good entertainment space can provide, especially since it allows you to escape the bad news outside, and enjoy your own safe haven at home. Another very appealing aspect of creating your own custom entertainment space, is that it will probably appeal to everyone in your family, and it could promote more family togetherness than you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Wall-Mounted TV with Floating Shelves

If you already have a wall-mounted TV, you’re halfway there. This is a great option, once you install the additional storage and shelving, and it can still provide a very streamlined look in that space of your home where you have the TV set up. The floating shelves which you install should be a reflection of your personal tastes, whether they include decorative hardware, or no hardware at all, and simply provides a very sleek and simple look.

Customized Storage Hutch

If you’re a person who collects books, videos, or other memorabilia, having a custom hutch might be a perfect entertainment space for you. The number of shelves you include in your hutch will be up to you, and will depend on exactly how much material you’d like to display and show off to your visitors.

If you’re not really interested in displaying all your collections, you can have doors put over your shelves, so you maintain the same storage capability, but privately. When you begin your planning process, make sure to choose an area of the home where you have plenty of room, because any kind of customized hutch will require considerable wall and floor space.

The Ultimate Wall Unit

One more very appealing option is to go all out, and dedicate an entire wall to your entertainment space. This could be a home theater system, as well as an entire media center for everyone in your household to enjoy. In addition to housing a large-screen TV, surround sound speaker system, gaming consoles, and other types of media, you’ll need some room to store all this equipment.

That means you need to incorporate some storage capability in your media center, and you’ll have to decide on how much storage you want and what kind of shelving you want to include. You can have open or closed storage, several different varieties of wood or metal to create your media center, and just about any kind of finish you can think of. When it’s all done, it might very possibly become the central gathering point for your entire family.

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